Specialty Films & Graphics

3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Graffiti Films

Protect graphics, surfaces and windows from vandalism and damage. Professionally applied 3M Scotchgard Anti-Graffiti Films can be cleaned without the use of harmful and abrasive chemicals, and they are…

  • gouge resistant.
  • acid-etch resistant.
  • scratch resistant.
  • removable.
  • used both indoor and outdoor.

3M™ Scotchcal™ Electrocut and Block Out Films

Create graphics or simulate acid-etched and sand blasted glass effects when privacy or enhanced image is needed. These films can be used to produce elegant and beautiful graphics that are a low-cost alternative to traditional glass acid etching or sand blasting. The production process is simpler and faster than traditional sand-blasting or acid etching and 3M Scotchcal Electrocut Films…

  • offer minimal shrinkage.
  • have a clear synthetic, moisture-resistant liner.
  • come with a clear, pressure sensitive adhesive.
  • are easy to weed (peel negative design portion).
  • reduce glare.
  • Sun Control & Energy Conversation

Architectural Finishes

Our durable architectural films are manufactured to simulate a wide variety of natural finishes including the warmth of wood, the nature of stone, the sleek look of steel and the elegance of marble and granite. Hundreds of styles and patterns offer architects and interior designers virtually unlimited options. Providing simple solutions for complex surfaces, they can be installed on flat and curved surfaces – interior and exterior. These flexible films effectively resurface walls, doors, furniture, elevators, columns and ceilings to give your property a fresh, new look for less.

  • Cost-effective, long lasting beauty
  • Quick, clean on-site installation
  • Can be cleaned with eco-friendly cleaners
  • Minimizes waste and helps preserve rare, exotic woods and resources